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Meet The Chef

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To be a chef is in my blood. My grandfather and father were both chefs. From 11 years old I started helping them in the summers at their restaurant, at their street food stalls and at big traditional weddings. I was always fascinated by the preparations and process needed to get the food just right for so many people. When I was 18 I became a professional chef whilst studying my It degree at univeristy.


Our Plov

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Plov (also known as "pilaf") is the traditional dish of my country of origin, Uzbekistan. Plov dates back to ancient times and has been our most social food ever since. From childhood on, every real Uzbek has attended countless family and cultural events - always over a rich bowl of plov.

It is a highly nourishing and easily digestible food with a balanced ration of carbohydrates, fats and protein. In its traditional form, the main ingredients are long-grain rice, carrots, onions and and mutton cooked using sheep fat and vegetable oil in a giant cauldron ( a'kazan') slow cooking for hours.

Street Food

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Our team and equipment are easily deployable to food markets and events across London.

We bring our own cooking equipment and stall setup (containers, serving tools, packaging) where needed and appropriate for the required setup.

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Catering Services

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You can also get that 'Oshpaz feeling' at your business, charity or private events.

We have delighted many customers with out special catering menu.

Get in contact for more details.

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For Catering services or any other questions, contact Muzaffar

Phone07 728 537 818

Find us this week in London at the following locations:

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